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Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight – Proven Strategies

When you’re desperate to lose weight, you’re willing to try anything. You’ll buy supplemental pills the makers of which promise to force the pounds off of you overnight. You’ll severely limit your calories. You’ll spend hours at the gym. Unfortunately, all these things aren’t the healthy way to lose weight. But what if one of the things that could help you was something you could get relatively cheaply and that you are probably already consuming? What if we told you green tea can help you lose weight? Sounds interesting? Keep reading!

If you really want to lose weight, and drink green tea to do it, caffeinated green tea is what you want to drink. Avoiding caffeinated beverages to lose weight – this is a common mantra that you often hear. Harmful for your body, caffeine can actually stimulate you in many ways. The caffeine really needs to be in green tea for you to lose weight. If it doesn’t have caffeine, it won’t work as well.

The properties in green tea that can help you lose weight may actually be removed when the caffeine is processed out of the tea. It is possible to lose weight using green tea without caffeine, however green tea with caffeine is going to give you better weight loss results.

What makes green tea an excellent weight loss drink is EGCG, an antioxidant compound that’s related to catechins. To lose weight with green tea, the green tea you drink must have a certain level of EGCG. This is based on most studies on green tea and weight loss. Essentially, this number is affected by how you brew your green tea. Another factor here is the type of green tea you buy. When you’re buying green tea, look at the ingredients list to make sure the EGCG compound is in a high enough amount.

Of course, exercising regularly is crucial regardless of the amount of green tea you’re consuming. Exercise is an important component of healthy weight loss. So if you’re wanting to lose a lot of weight, that’s not possible if you drink green tea and do nothing else. You won’t be able to lose weight fast either. Sure, you’ll find studies indicating you can lose weight by drinking green tea along. However, you stand to lose even more weight if you add regular exercise to the mix.

As you probably know, you can lose weight doing a lot of different things. Lowering caloric intake certainly works. By increasing how much you exercise, this can also help. Many people try fad diet programs every year. Drinking green tea is another option.

It isn’t too good to be true – believe us! When it comes to losing weight, green tea really helps. We have presented several reasons why this is true. You will find plenty of reasons to drink green tea other than these. Just keep doing your research.

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